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We have been delivering online courses to high school students for 4 years

Blossom was founded in Hong Kong, one of the most intense cities in private education, tuition and studying.

“It’s so much more convenient when I can learn at my own pace and in my own time, whilst saving money!” 

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Learn faster

Our brain responds to visuals like images and videos faster than walls of text. Video learning can create a longer memory in your brain, allowing you to grasp concepts faster!

Greater motivation

Students who watch online courses often feel it's like going on an adventure. You need to explore the course materials yourself with the "hints" guided by educators. When students complete a module or the whole course, they tend to feel more satisfied and rewarded.

Better focus

Research proves that videos boost attendance for training. It changes the way people learn and increases a learner’s chances for success. Learners are likely to watch a short, engaging video before clicking to the next slide in an eLearning course, especially if that video begins playing automatically.

Higher flexibility

Video learning allows students at different levels to adjust their learning paces. If you already know majority of the stuff, just skip to the parts you need! If you don't quite understand, just replay again and again until you get the idea!

Online courses are the key to better results!
traditional tutoring cannot do the following:

  • Watch anywhere, anytime
  • Unlimited play frequency
  • Watch at your learning speed
  • Skip the parts you already understood and repeat the sections you don't comprehend
  • Aesthetic and intensive revision materials
  • Structured modules and progress check